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The Most Bizarre Gun Of All Time: The Microwave Gun

Crowd control and riot control have been a huge challenge for many traditional law enforcement departments. While pepper spray, water hoses and riot police... 

Four Things I Learned from The Purpose Driven Life

“The Purpose Driven Life” is a bestseller written by mega-church pastor Rick Warren. It has been used across the nation in Sunday school classes,... 

What Do You Know About Girl Scout Cookies?

It’s that time of year again. Time to dodge girl scouts before they corner you and you have no choice but to buy boxes of cookies, which you will... 

Comparing Apple to Apples

Here’s a comparison of one of my favorite companies for computers and gadget stuff to one of my favorite fruits. Created by: MBA Online  Read More →

Is the Minority Report Real?

I’m thinking about committing a crime… and they already know about it! Created by: Criminology  Read More →

4 Horrifying Situations Found in Forensic Nursing

Forensic nursing sounds kind of cute, almost like the job consists of wearing a sexy nurse outfit while studying the details of a crime from the safety... 

Generation Mobile: How Cell Phones Shape the Lives of College Students

Created by: HackCollege  Read More →

3 Extremely Offbeat Uses for A Marketing Degree

There are a billion jobs that a marketing degree can get you; from head of a marketing team to the PR pawn running a company’s Facebook and Twitter,... 

X-Ray Vision: A Look at Objects Ingested and Inserted

Why do people do these things? We may never know but ask any X-Ray Technician about their work and you may just have a very interesting conversation. Created... 

The 100-Year History of the Bra

Via: Online Dating  Read More →

Fact: Lobsters Are Whores

[Source: Today I Found Out]  Read More →


Antoine Dodson Sings It

Double Rainbow Remix

Thanks, Hugh. This is the most awesome thing I have seen today.

I Want An iPhone4

The white one with the bigger gbs is the one I want. I’ll go to Walgreens and pick one up today.

Lewis Black: Milk and Water

Thanks, Tommy, for sharing this with me. I’ve watched it several times and still can’t stop laughing. He makes some very fuck valid points. :) I have always loved good stand-up comedy.

Buddy Greene: Best Harmonica Player Ever

This was unexpectedly good.

The Best Kibble Dancer Ever

My friends have a dog (read: child) like this and he is amazing. I think it’s time for Cogswell to learn a Corgi kibble dance, because I’m sure it would be as adorable as this is.