A 30ft Erection In China

My first thought about this is.. just why?  I don't get it but maybe there's something I am missing here.  Feel free to inform me of the meaning of this.

They say it's a totem of Shamanistic culture and the director of the China Folk Culture Association says "It symbolizes our ancestors' pursuit of happiness and prosperity." 

What it really is, this a 30 foot tall erect penis named Sky Pillar, is likely a publicity stunt for the amusement park at which it resides.  They tout it as the world's largest penis.  Way WAY bigger than any woman in China has ever seen, no doubt.

To make this monstrosity builders wrapped more than 6,500 feet of straw around the steel structure which stands on an altar atop 1,250ft high Qinlong Hill.

Some guests of the park said they felt uncomfortable around the penis, while others didn't seem to care one way or the other about it.

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  1. Nice one love your site,


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