How Much Do You Pay For DSL Service?

I wanted to give a heads up to dial-up internet users and basic DSL users.

I just found out that you can get DSL internet service from ATT, which now includes the former Bellsouth, for $10 per month.  They don't advertise this rate but it has the same speeds as the basic DSL service, DSL Lite that they offer.

I asked my friend tody how much she pays for her dial-up internet service, because she's always complaining that it's so slow.  She said she pays $19/month!  That's WAY too much!  Especially since DSL Lite is just a little bit more if you're going by the advertised prices and now with this new "secret" DSL deal from ATT / Bellsouth there is absolutely no reason to pay that much for 56K dial up service!

They do require a 1 year commitment, but you see yourself keeping your internet service at least a year, right?  They also give you a free modem and 24 phone support which I have used with setting up my wireless network and they are excellent.  I use Bellsouth.. now called ATT DSL Extreme 6.0 service and it's fast and reliable.  I've always had them as my DSL provider and I'm happy with the service and price.  Even when they only had basic service, and that's what I originally started out with, it was still good.

So don't pay more than you have to for DSL Internet!  Here is the link

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One Response to “How Much Do You Pay For DSL Service?”
  1. avalanch says:

    Yes the $10 dsl plan is hidden a bit and here is some info.

    They offer you the plan during the sign up part, it’s somewhat hidden on the other pages.

    If you signup for this, then yes you will be tied to a 1 year commitment @ $10 a month.

    The modem is not free with this package, you can either use your own equipment (with no extra charge for that) or pay $75 extra for an install cd, dsl filter and dsl modem.

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