I never finish anyth

Maybe it's my ADD.

I'm scattered, to say the least.  And I work best under pressure.  Blogging is so much fun, yet sometimes I have too many ideas at one time and go into a spin with many unfinished projects laying around.  I'm trying to improve though.

I came across a neat site.  voo2do.com

I signed up but umm.. I haven't set up my to-do lists yet.  I have to try to do that soon.  I think it would improve my productivity.

And you may have noticed.. my speel chekker doesn't work.  I've been meaning to fix it for ages.  Since I suffer from crazy fingers it is a necessity for me to communicate with you.

Now, right after I post today's LOLCat for today I'm off to be productive.  Wish me luck.

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