Almost a Darwin…

Cough syrupIt's amazing what some kids will do to try to get high. 

One 20 year old from Oregon almost got himself a Darwin award recently because he ODed on cough syrup. 

He got a recipe from the Vaults of Erowid site and tried to extract dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in cough syrup, using amonia and lighter fluid.

Consuming something prepared with amonia and lighter fluid… does that sound like a good time to you?  Even with the proper equipment it would be hard to get the solvents out of the mixture.  So this brilliant kid thinks he can do it at home and things will be cool?

Thanks to doctors at the ER this kid is still in the gene pool.  Isn't that scary?

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I has thumbs, fear me.


This little guy, while not ALL THAT funny, is still terribly cute. ;)

It Is Official – I Rock!

Well if you didn't already know it, now it's official.. I rock! :) )

I was over at Rock Stories and the girl that runs that blog (she definitely rocks) had been nominated for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.  If she hadn't been the one who nominated me she'd be at the top of my list because I really like her style.

Well when you're nominated you get to pass the torch to 5 other girl bloggers who rock and guess what?  She passed it on to me… so now I rock too!

Rocking Girl BloggerSo now it's time for me to bask in the compliment for a moment.

Shh.. I'm still basking…

And now I will pass this on to 5 cool chicks who I think are also Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

Lisa is a 40 something mama who runs 40s Singleness – Dating In Your 40s and several other great blogs.  She's funny and bright and if you don't know how to date she'll give you some tips.  I hear it's rough out there!  She also teaches English online, which I think is wonderful.  Since I only speak English it's great that she can train others to communicate with me!

Just coming from Lisa's site I see she's already been nominated twice by two of my other nominations.. grrr.. these girls really do rock.. and they've got the quickness.  Never fear though, I have some other rockin' female bloggers to nominate.

At first I thought it would be hard to narrow it down to only 5 but since a lot of the girls with great blogs that I know are already nominated it gives me a chance to nominate some freshness.

Speaking of freshness, my friend Mika has a new blog.  Mika definitely rocks!  I met her at a bible study and she's one of those people who you just instantly love.  She's funny and silly and from Japan but she's caught on to English fast.  For a long time she kept saying she wanted a blog, but she only had access to a computer and internet at the library.  Well now she has a computer and a brand new blog.  You can check out Mika's silliness and encourage her at Mika's Room.  I don't know if she knows 5 other women bloggers who rock yet.. so go introduce yourself.  And ask her about the time she had to email Fruit of the Loom and tell them that they were keeping her awake at night!  She's so funny and I am going to love watching her develop this blog.

Next on my list is Jaya.. who interestingly enough has a cat on her head.  She's like me and has many cats that own her.  Her blog, Purrs From Jaya, is interesting and insightful and always had great pictures.  She has an eye for art and a talent for telling stories that will draw you in.  She's also in the Blog For a Year contest and if I don't win I hope she does!

LadyMoon is an awesome blogger who shares the tips and tricks that she's learned along the way with others.  Her blog Blogging 4 EveryOne is where she lays it all out and I learn something new every time I visit her.  Last night when I was there I saw these awesome little Click Comments that she has on her blog.  They weren't supported for my blog software but I wrote to the guy who created them and he fixed me up!  Awesome!

My 5th choice is 3 rockin' girl bloggers who I've mentioned before but they have done a site together and they all rock so I'm re-nominating them.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

These three girls have put together a blog of all things Depp and it's hot.  The blog is Johnny Depp Obsessions and it's run by Lisa who I mentioned above, Confessing7Girl and Taylor Blue.  I love the blogs these girls do individually and together on this one they definitely rock.

There's one more rockin' girl blogger that I have to mention.  Leigh at The Inconvenient Truth runs one of my favorite blogs.  She's witty and sometimes snarky (which I adore) and lays it all on the line.  I'm a big fan of people who tell the truth and put it right out there and Leigh definitely does that in a very entertaining kind of way.

So those are my picks… I know I picked 6 blogs to mention but some have already been nominated.. and rightly so.. so I didn't think anyone would mind me including an extra one.  You'll love them all.

So ladies who I've nominated, if you accept the challenge, your job now is to nominate 5 more Rockin' Female Bloggers in a post on your site.  I will enjoy seeing the blogs you enjoy most.

Benoit Deaths Officially Ruled Double Murder-Suicide

Last night WWE paid tribute to Chris Benoit in a 3 hour special.  Today they will be attempting to come to grips with a shocking and tragic truth. 

It is believed that Chris Benoit first killed his wife in what may have been a moment of rage.  He may have even accidentally killed her during a meltdown.  His mental state must have continued to deteriorate because they believe he waited a day and then killed his son.  On the third day he killed himself.

It's hard to believe.  I don't even watch wrestling but I did know who Chris Benoit was.  Since I wasn't ever really a fan of his, his career accomplishments don't really mean much to me.  During the 3 hour tribute though, no one had a bad word to say about him.  I mean, I guess it would have been crazy sounding if they did since he had just died, but all of WWE seems to remember him as a kindhearted person who loved his family very much.

That's what's hard to grasp.  What happened with Chris Benoit to make him turn from family man and loved and respected athlete to wife and child killer?  I keep saying in my head that there's no way he could have done this, but the police seem pretty confident that he did.

He apparently sent some troubling text messages to Jerry Lawler over the weekend and then missed several appointments and cancelled his Sunday night performance.  His bizarre behavior is what prompted someone to call the police and ask them to go check the home.

There are rumors that there was a suicide note, but that has not been confirmed publicly by the police yet.  Of course autopsys haven't even been done, but there does seem to be a clear picture of what happened.

It's all very sad.  My heart goes out to the Benoit family and especially the children Chris left behind who have lost their Dad, stepmom and half brother.

I just saw a picture of Chris Benoit and all I can say, with great sadness, is WHY Chris?  Why?

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Well, Well, Well.. Look Who Is Out Of Jail

Paris Hilton escaped was released from jail early this morning. They say she served her 23 days.. ehh.. fuzzy math I say. But anyway, she’s out.

Paris is reportedly jubliant…and ready to cash in on the experience.  Larry King is interviewing her on Wednesday. Gee.. I hope he doesn’t ask any questions that are too hard.

Where do we place our wagers on how long it will take her to be up to the same ole’ nonsense again?

And I ask you, once again, is Nicole Richey pregnant or not?

I Can Has Ur Cheezburger?


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WWE Star Chris Benoit, Wife and Son Found Dead

RIP Benoit Family

Today WWE superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and their 7 year old son Daniel were found dead in their home near Atlanta, Georgia. 

There have been few details released to the public so far about the deaths. The sheriff's department has issued a statement though, and it doesn't sound good.  They seem to think it may have been a double murder and suicide situation, with no word on which family member may have been the suicide.

There is much rumor and speculation at the moment about what could have happened, but few known facts of the case to base any theories on.  I have read that Mrs. Benoit and the child had been sick for a couple of days and were vomitting blood.

Last night Chris Benoit was scheduled to wrestle but he had cancelled his performance due to personal reasons.  He may have cancelled because his wife and son were so ill or there may have been something more sinister going on.  It is very difficult to say what may or may not have happened.  I hope that investigators will be able to solve the mystery.

The sherriff's office also said in their statement that they were not looking for anyone outside the home in connection with the deaths, that there were no bullet or stab wounds but that the instruments of death were found in the home.  Police were asked to go do a welfare check on the family by a concerned party and that's when the bodies were found.  It's all very curious… and I'll say it again.. it doesn't sound good. 

And how could it sound good?  A family of 3 is dead.  Regardless of who they were or what they did for a living it is a sad situation.  However, because of who they were, WWE star Chris Benoit and his wife "Woman" who was a valet in the wrestling industry and of course an innocent child… this case will likely dominate the media until answers are found.

Autopsies are scheduled for Monday, but results – as we learned from the Anna Nicole Smith saga – are likely to take weeks or months to be announced.

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In Search Of…Car Insurance Quotes?

Last night I was reading a story involving Progressive Auto Insurance.  I was curious about their website since I had seen their commercials about cheap auto insurance and how easy it is to get a car insurance quote online.  So I headed over to their website to see just how many car insurance quotes I could get and how easy it was.

First of all they wanted a lot of information.  Some I was glad to give because I know they have to know your location, type of car and driving record to even begin to give you a quote for car insurance.  Some of the other questions were a little weird, like level of education and occupation…and of course if I had any other insurance needs.

When I finally got to the page where I expected to see car insurance quotes I saw exactly 1 quote, from (guess who!) Progressive Auto Insurance.  Well, the commericals don't say to come to their site for one insurance quote.. I thought they were supposed to let you compare insurance rates to see who's got the cheapest rates?  I wanted to see quotes from several auto insurance companies, that's why I used the Progressive site in the first place.

Well, after some looking I found a link that promised to let me compare car insurance rates.  I clicked and then guess how many quotes I got to see?  Well the Progressive quote was still pretty big and bold and even offered me a payment plan or a discount to pay the entire premium RIGHT NOW… a bit pushy, but ok.  Also on the page in really small print was another CHEAPER quote from AllState Insurance.  AllState was significantly cheaper but also had a scale of rates based upon your credit score.  My credit isn't bad but what's that all about?  You make your payments and they insure you, you don't make your payments and they cancel you.  What does your credit score have to do with it?

So in a nutshell, getting auto insurance quotes was a bit frustrating.  Maybe it's easier at different sites?  I actually have my car and homeowners insurance through Geico.. that little lizard is so cute.  I don't really care for the cavemen, but that doesn't affect my rates.  I'm pretty happy with what I've got.  Maybe I could save a couple of bucks if I wanted to go through the hassle of searching out the lowest car insurance rates and then changing companies, but for now I don't really think it's worth the hassle.

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How About A LOLCat?

Today's LOL Cat (or is it LOLCat) is brought to you by the number 4

Feel Like Gardening?

This video is great.  You know it's hot… I don't know why some of these people got so mad about being cooled off. Haha… well, yes, I do know why they got mad.  It's hilarious though. :D


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