11 People Who Don’t Give a Fuck


Sometimes you just don’t. I have to admit, my meter seems to be broken at the moment with the needle stuck to the left. Not giving a fuck goes a little beyond not giving a shit anymore, it’s flat out apathy. And it’s a good thing. Here are 11 people — besides me — who just don’t give a fuck.

Gary Coleman Doesn’t Give a Fuck


RIP Gary. I’m sorry for laughing at the jokes… already.

Eminem Still Doesn’t Give a Fuck

I can totally relate, Em.

Walrus Man Doesn’t Give a Fuck


He’s a real man and not afraid of shrinkage.

Cats Don’t Give a Fuck



Never have, never will. And just try telling them they’re not people and that they don’t belong on this list.

The Girl with this Tattoo Doesn’t Give a Fuck


Someday, I think you might. There are removal options when that time comes.

Mr. Toda Doesn’t Give a Fuck


I fuck not give, Sucka.

Don Rickles Does Not Give a Fuck


And why should he? He’d have your ass whipped by the time the cops got there.

This Guy Totally Doesn’t Give a Fuck


To the fucking extreme of not giving a fuck.

The Little Mermaid Doesn’t Give a Fuck


She just doesn’t, and that’s okay because she’s a little mermaid.

Tricycle Guy Doesn’t Give a Fuck


No need to fucking care. Looks like he’ll have a vehicle soon.

This Is How Much I Give a Fuck


This guy is my hero. I care. Honestly. Just let me finish my cigarette and I’m on it.

not a fuck

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18 Responses to “11 People Who Don’t Give a Fuck”
  1. Jay Fence says:

    Walrus Man was bitten by a radioactive walrus, and he now spends his days roaming the oceans, swinging from whale to while by spinning a walrus web.

  2. emma james says:

    nice collection i like it very. thanks

  3. BeckyMinx says:

    Cabbie with the cig, FTW… if he gave a F, that is…

  4. Amanda says:

    lol! really funny collection, warlus man rocks! lol!

  5. That nail in the head thing can’t be real. That would be like assisted suicide or something. But the rest were amusing.

  6. Cam says:

    BP doesn’t give a fuck.

  7. D says:

    BP does gaf, watch the news, moron!

  8. jav521 says:

    after a year and a half of bho we still got ignorant aholes still bashing Bush. wgaf.

  9. sir jorge says:

    truer examples were never given

  10. That_Guy says:

    I gave a fuck once… but then i wanted it back

  11. Joe Bodia says:

    @jav521: GWB was messing up the US for 8 years, factor in a 3x causality effect and his legacy will be haunting us for 24 years at minimum. As much as we know you teabaggers want to blame Obama for everything that happened in the 2000s, he didn’t do it, so get over yourselves. America, was great while it lasted… thank goodness i don’t live there anymore.

  12. what says:

    What, no tecnoviking?

  13. Pretty EntertaIning… Thanks for sharing :) Don’t mess with the Walrus Man lol

  14. irishluvbeer says:

    @ Joe Bodia.
    Please refer to the Fuck- O- Meter.
    Thank you and Fuck off

  15. Nice… The last one, witht he guy in bed….thats me. but of course who gives a fuck!

  16. Clare says:

    This is now my favourite item! Hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.


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