The Most Bizarre Gun Of All Time: The Microwave Gun


Crowd control and riot control have been a huge challenge for many traditional law enforcement departments. While pepper spray, water hoses and riot police can be effective for dispersing a large number of people, they can often cause collateral damage. In many cases, rioters and police can be injured in physical confrontations. However, this may change in the not-so-distant future. The following article explores how microwave technology can be used for crowd dispersal.

Many people enjoy microwaving meals in their kitchen or office. With a traditional microwave, it’s possible to heat up a meal or snack in only a few minutes. A kitchen microwave is tuned on a special frequency to ensure that it can adequate penetrate all areas of a food product. However, it’s possible to set microwave radiation devices so that they can’t penetrate the surface of an object.

A new microwave way gun uses a special frequency to heat the surface of objects to a very high temperature. This technology was developed by DARPA and the United States Navy over the past few years. When an individual is exposed to this microwave gun, the surface of his or her skin will heat up several degrees very quickly. This can create a sensation of pain in an individual or group.

By only penetrating the top layer of skin, a microwave gun poses a minimal safety hazard. However, it creates a sensation that unlike anything else found in life. Many people have described a sensation similar to that of a hot oven. When an individual feels this sensation, he or she will instinctively move away from it. Once an individual is out of range, he or she will feel completely normal. To date, there are no known negative effects from the microwave gun.

This can be beneficial for use in areas where traditional crowd control techniques may not work. Since tear gas, pepper spray and riot batons can inflict serious injuries on protesters, many police departments try to minimize their use.

With the microwave gun, it’s possible to disperse a large crowd of people in only a few seconds. While the microwave gun can be effective, it’s important to remember that it has several significant limitations in its current form.

Since the microwave beam is designed to only penetrate the body by a few millimeters, the beam can be blocked by excessive humidity in the air. If an individual is covered with water, the water on that individual’s skin will heat up by several degrees. However, this will simply result in a pleasant warming sensation.

Conversely, very dry conditions can exacerbate the pain caused by these devices. Since dry skin has more exposed nerve endings, the sensation of pain can increase significantly under low humidity conditions.

It’s also important to understand how microwave beams can impact different parts of the body. While microwave beams don’t cause harm to the skin, they may cause significant damage to the eyes. While most people will close their eyes instinctively, some people may be unconscious or unable to close their eyes. This may result in blindness under some circumstances.

In addition, it may be possible to deflect microwaves with a metal surface. Under some conditions, this may amplify a beam to dangerous levels. If an individual is wearing metal on his or her clothing, this individual may be at an increased risk of injury.

In its current form, the microwave gun takes several hours to heat up. Because of this, it can’t be used for rapid response situations. However, this may change in the future.

Brandon Tucker is a gunsmith and guest author at, a site with information about online gunsmith training.

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